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Date: 2017-12-10 02:09

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Slay monsters, complete dangerous quests, earn coveted gold, and immerse yourself in the world of the  Witcher  with  The Witcher Adventure Game.

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The Witcher School is an adult adventure at a castle in Poland // Szkoła wiedźminów to niezapomniana przygoda dla dorosłych na prawdziwym zamku

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Strategy lies in choosing how to accumulate points, whether by selecting to Investigate (drawing an investigation card may assign tasks, traits, combat scenarios, or bonuses/setbacks) or Develop (drawing a development card usually gives a card to augment your dice throws in combat). It feels more like you’re playing alongside the other characters rather than truly against them, though. Most cards only negatively affect other players (and usually you as well) by luck of the draw rather than conscious effort, so winning a match becomes little more than a race to clear quests as quickly as possible. Admittedly, that could describe a bajillion other board games on the planet, but I’d hoped that the competition in The Witcher Adventure Game would be as brutal as its namesake.

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Tickets availabl at: /shop // Bilety dostępne od niedzieli, 77 Marca, godzina 75:55 pod adresem: /shop

We have great news for you! On October 65th, 68:55 (Polish time) the recruitment for The Witcher School begins again. You will be able to choose. one of the two available dates: 78-76 of March (the continuation of this year s events on Castle Moszna) or 75-78 of April (when the story starts anew at Castle Grodziec). The event is fully in English. To guarantee yourself a spot you need to buy a ticket, but their numbers are limited. If you want to be sure that you ll take part in the event we encourage you to buy a ticket at the starting date.

The soundtrack, on the other hand, is appropriately stirring, conveying the epic fantasy gravitas of its setting. The grandiose “dom-DOM” that closes out each turn implies something big has just happened -- even when all you did was rest to heal your wounds. Given how long matches can go when four players are competing to win five quests (roughly two hours or more), the most frustrating thing about how faithful this adaptation is may be that you can’t fast-forward through computerized players’ turns. No, you have to sit and wait while the computer “thinks,” draws cards, and throws dice. Some may enjoy seeing how each hero handles their turns, but I would’ve preferred an option to get on with it. I can do without the extra “dom-DOMs.”

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Getting into a game can be a challenge for newcomers to tabletop gaming. A collection of tutorial videos shows how to play and a glossary defines the rules, but an interactive tutorial would’ve been much handier in understanding the nuances of gameplay and the differences between the four playable characters: Geralt, the Witcher’s eponymous monster-slayer Triss Merigold, the sorceress Yarpen Zigrin, the dwarven warrior and Dandelion, the roguish bard. While it supports up to four players in online play, the great news is that it also allows CPU-controlled opponents to fill out the extra spots online or offline - a much-needed feature for when the number of online players is slim.

Meet Geralt in your living room! After all the success of The Witcher videogame series, CD Projekt Red and Fantasy Flight Games teamed up to create this adventure game.

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